Jackpot.com Review

Its name kind of says it all – Jackpot.com – winning the great prize is the dream of each and every lotto enthusiast. It was launched not so long ago 2016 by Lottomatrix Operations Limited as lottery betting site – a different kind of online lotto agent. 

Although it’s still rough around the edges Jackpot.com is worthy of consideration, as they are very alive, what means that they keep on upgrading their services. 

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

Jackpot.com provides players with access to as much as 31 various lotteries to enjoy. This includes all huge ones such as Eurojackpot and Euromillions and USA-based Mega Millions and Powerball. Apart from these major lotteries they have some pretty interesting “little” lotto from all around the world like Luzzu Lotto, Lotto India and Mega Sena as well as many others! 

Jackpot.com – Is it trustworthy?

Absolutely and definitely yes. Lottomatrix Operations Limited is a legitimate company registered at Malta, so there are no doubts to whether Jackpot.com operates within the law. 

Leaving formal issues aside, they are also trustworthy from the more practical point of view. They are straightforward when it comes to their rules, terms and conditions and such. Jackpot.com is isn’t your typical online lotto agent as they offer betting on the outcome of lotteries instead of being a middleman in purchasing tickets. 

This way of playing lotto is less and less unorthodox – many services decide to go in this direction. 

Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness? 

While writing this part of the review I enjoy not having much to tell. It means that the website is user-friendly and safe. Jackpot.com is both these things and in addition their website runs smoothly and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of efficiency. 

There are no pending issues related to the crucial features of online lotto agents – payments and withdrawals are safe as well as encrypted. The entire procedure is also very easy, nearly automatic. 

Jackpot.com – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

Around 150% of normal lottery ticket price, which is absolutely acceptable and should cause any commotion. They don’t take commissions on winnings in almost all cases but two – rather rare ones though – nearly 40% for higher prizes won in US Powerball and Mega Millions. 

Jackpot.com – Crucial complaints 

Most problems issued by other users regard problems with withdrawals, which clearly stems from the tough user-verification process. It simply takes a lot of time but is necessary in order to avoid hackers trying to scam people who actually won the prize. Read terms and conditions or contact their great customer service, perhaps ask for Steve who will definitely solve your problem and explain the situation.  

Jackpot.com – Extras

Here is where Jackpot.com really shines and oh boy, dop they shine really bright. They offer amazing online casino with hundreds of various games, including slots, cards, roulette and other themed instant-win games. 

What’s also fun is their Striking Lotto Tournament, which you attend just by playing at their website: “For every €1 that you spend on lottery, you will get 10 points and for every lottery win, you will receive 5 points.”

Jackpot.com – Support

Another place where Jackpot.com steps up. Whether you call them, message them via Facebook, email them or use the live chat between 11:00 CET and 23:00 CET you will be served with kindness and professionalism. Many other online lotto agents could learn a lesson just by trying out Jackpot.com’s customer service. 

Jackpot.com – To sum up | TL;DR

Easy to go and rather friendly online lotto agent, but beware of big commissions they take on higher winnings from US Powerball and Megamillions.

They operate from Malta with all the licenses demanded – 100% safe and secure. 

Tough user verification process, so be patient at the beginning.  

They offer 31 various lotteries including all of the big ones. 

Overpricing is not a big issue, in the vast majority of cases they don’t take commissions. 

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