LottoGo Review

LottoGo is actually online lottery agent formerly known as World Lottery Club. Changing its name and brand wasn’t just cosmetics – it involved some serious effort committed to improving the quality of their lotto service. And not to spoil anything, but they did a fine job. 

So if you ever crossed paths with World Lottery Club and didn’t have the greatest experience ever, now is the perfect time to revisit this website under its new brand – LottoGo.

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

They actually offer pretty decent showcase of lotteries and even more impressive showcase of additional activities. No one should be disappointed with their offer.  

You will find both European and American greatest lotteries and a few less well-known ones, like Polish Lotto or El Gordo de Navidad for example.

All in all their coverage is okay plus there are many extras to be discovered apart from main lotteries. 

LottoGo – Is it trustworthy?

Yeah – indisputably! LottoGo works under the licenses issued by respective official institutions from United Kingdom, Ireland and the Isle of Man, so there are 3 different bodies to oversee their operations – what more can a player ask of an online lotto agent? 

Annexio Group of Comapnies – the actual owner and operator of LottoGo is a legitimate company, which provides its users with betting on lotteries experience – this is not a middleman, concierge service. 

It doesn’t changes the fact, that the lotto experience they offer is extremely valuable and secure at the same time. Many online lotto services choose such solution over being a middleman and it works just fine.

LottoGo – Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness? 

We can’t say anything bad about the way LottoGo works. It is pretty intuitive and beginners friendly if you are looking for a place to start your lotto adventure with. There some nice bonus offers, which makes playing less expensive and intimidating, especially if you are a new member. 

Free scratchcards, pricing discounts and bonus syndicate lines are just a few of perks you get by registering at LottoGo. They offer weekly subscriptions and such, so be careful not to purchase it and forget about it – many people do it and then blame LottoGo for charging them.

LottoGo – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

There are some cheaper websites but LottoGo’s offer is also pretty nice when looking at it from economical perspective. Of course – it is more expensive than purchasing tickets directly at particular lotto vendor, but that’s the way it goes in most cases. 

Prices rarely exceeds +40% costs ratio and that’s more than fair in return for their professionalism and all the benefits.

Payments and withdrawals are really simple, although the range of options could definitely be wider. On the other hand all the available methods are safe and sound. 

LottoGo – Crucial complaints 

The one we kind of already mentioned in the 3rd point. People complain about the auto renewal of weekly/monthly subscriptions they purchased (they didn’t get conned – everything is really straightforward) but these complaints are nothing less than blaming Netflix if you forget to cancel its services. 

LottoGo – Extras

Wow – is the best reaction, while looking at all the extra activities that LottoGo has to offer. You are provided with easy-going way to play in syndicates, so you don’t have to gather lotto friends on your own.

The most astonishing thing though, is the vast variety of instant-win or casino online games. Summing it all up you will find more than a 1000 various games – it’s as if someone had placed Las Vegas online. 

LottoGo – Support

In the past and under its previous brand LottoGo had many customer support problems, which happily either have been solved or are being solved as you are reading this review. 

Live chat at LottoGo is available from 9AM – 5PM GMT, which isn’t perfect but hey – Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you prefer emailing them (either on your own or by extremely user-friendly form) they try and make their best to answer you in the next 24 hours. 

Additionally, they have really amazing Help Centre (FAQ), which is really informative and may solve many issues. Plus – they are pretty responsive to users’ comments in the World Wide Web in general. 

LottoGo – To sum up | TL;DR

Great for beginners – nice bonuses and discounts. 

Betting on lotteries, instead of playing them via middleman. 

They keep up the good work and development since their rebranding. 

Amazing iOS and Android app – great for players on the run.

They are licensed by three different official institutions. 

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