Lottoland Review

Welcome to the sunny Gibraltar – famous for its unique geographical location, monkeys which are very fond of tourists and for being a home of a little online lottery agent known as Lottoland. 

“Little” actually is only a figure a speech, as it doesn’t do Lottoland any justice. We are talking about one of the most prominent online lottery providers, offering you almost anything you could imagine regarding playing lotto in the World Wide Web.

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

“All of them” – wouldn’t be such an exaggeration when you take a look at 33 various lotteries, which are available at Lottoland. The only tricky thing here is the fact that different sets of lotteries are accessible through different Lottoland subsites assigned to eleven countries. This means that depending on which lottoland.com/”subsite” you choose, there may be different options available. 

All in all you may choose from a really wide variety of lotteries including all the big ones from Europe and USA and some exotic ones, originating from places all across the world from Brazil, through Poland and up to Hong Kong. 

Leaving the main attractions aside, there are also many extra activities at Lottoland but they are listed below.

Lottoland – Is it trustworthy?

Yes BUT you have to be aware that Lottoland is different from many other online lotto services in the way they operate. While many other lotto agents are purchasing physical tickets in your name, at Lottoland you are actually betting on lotteries instead of actually playing them.

It’s not a scam, they are not hiding it and they explain the process in a very straightforward way (also check out our Beginner’s guide, where we cover betting on lotteries). 

Lottoland recreates the conditions of real lotteries 1:1 with some more freedom with regard to offering its users special offers and such. Remember that it means that if you choose to play lotteries from “more difficult” countries, your winnigs will be taxed accordingly. 

What’s crucial is the fact that Lottoland is operated by a real trustworthy company EU Lotto Ltd that guarantees that the winnings are transferred to you. They are licensed by the Government of Gibraltar.

Lottoland – Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness? 

Generally yes although there are a few minor things they could improve. But let’s start with the good things. Signing up procedure is really quick and easy with an additional option to sign up with Facebook account.

They are upfront with how they operate and offer many language versions, which is always a good thing. You shouldn’t have any issues with understanding how to use Lottoland. 

On the cons side, I would place minor layout issues. There is no section, where they would list all the lotteries possible, which is rather bizarre. They could definitely work on the design, but we may cut them some slack, it’s not that bad.

Lottoland – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

I would say that pricing is neither super attractive, nor terribly bad. Simply it’s the normal price that a decent online lotto agents have to put on their bets in order to be financially stable. 

When it comes to payment options they provide you with a few options: Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, paysafecard and BitCoins as well. The minimum deposit is that of 5 euros.

Lottoland – Crucial complaints 

Some problems and delays of money withdrawal happen from time to time, but these are just a few drops in the ocean of well made transactions. Also some people who didn’t read terms and conditions may complain about the withdrawal fee of 5% if the whole deposit wasn’t turned completely. 

Lottoland – Extras

Here is where the Lottoland really shines, as the range of “after school” activities is enormous. Truth be told these extras are actually so good and engrossing that one may say they are no longer extras but full-time ventures such as: 

  • Scratchcards
  • Easy-going syndicates 
  • Roulette
  • Instant win games 
  • Casino table games
  • Slots
  • Live games
  • Virtual games (football simulation for example)

They also have pretty decent app for iOS and Android, which actually is rather useful. Mobile gambling with Lottoland app is really comfortable.

Lottoland – Support

First of all, they really cover many issues in their Help & FAQ section, so that’s a plus. 

The only way to contact them is through email form and live chat, which unfortunately isn’t 24/7. They operate only in hours listed below and during these they answer pretty fast in general: 

  • Monday – Friday:  12.00 AM – 11.00 PM CEST
  • Saturday:  12.00 AM – 08.00 AM, 09.30 AM – 05.30 PM CEST
  • Sunday:  01.00 AM – 09.00 AM, 09.30 AM – 05.30 PM CEST
  • It is currently Thursday, Jul 09, 2020 11.28 PM CES

Lottoland – To sum up | TL;DR

Lottoland offers you betting on lotteries instead of purchasing tickets in your name, but they recreate the experience in 1:1 scale.

They are legitimate, licensed company which provides you with a great lotto experience.

Their lotteries and other games coverage is huge. One of the best in business.

Registration is super quick and you may also sign up with your Facebook account. 

Worthy of consideration 100%.

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