Lottomat Review

Here it is, one of the United Kingdom’s finest online lottery agents – Lottomat. This service is operated by WHITE LOTTO LIMITED. It makes great first impression and it doesn’t disappoint later. Lottomat is most definitely worth visiting as this online lotto provider – good as it is now – is still upgraded systematically. 

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

Lottomat’s lottery base consists of 22 different lotteries. Each player should be satisfied with their coverage, as one may find both all the huge lotteries such as Eurojackpot, Euromillions or national US-based lotteries and a decent display of smaller lottos like La Primitiva or French Lotto. 

Lottomat – Is it trustworthy?

WHITE LOTTO LIMITED – the operator and owner of Lottomat – is a 100% legitimate European company, therefore the assumption that Lottomat is safe and secure wouldn’t be wrong one. 

Furthermore there are no red flags, regarding this online lotto agent, so you have nothing to worry in terms of trustworthiness. Both casual information at their website and the terms and conditions as well are extremely straightforward and easy to comprehend. 

Lottomat – Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness? 

Lottomat gets A+ when we talk about user-friendliness mainly because at Lottorank.co we are very fond of online lotto agents which don’t try to be anything more than they actually should be. This online service we are reviewing is easy to use in all key spheres – from signing up to withdrawing prizes. 

Navigating around this website is a pure pleasure. Everyone should feel at home when visiting Lottomat. All key information are laid in front of you at the home page and you may choose from more than 20 languages!

There is also one small thing that we very much like about Lottomat – the default number of draws to purchase is set to one – they don’t try to lure players into buying more lines by accident. 

Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

They charge a lot – up to 200% of what tickets normally cost and there almost no special offers and bonuses, so this is the part of the review where Lottomat doesn’t shine. The only silver linings are small discounts if you decide to buy more lines at one time. 

When it comes to other money-related subjects, they offer pretty good choice of payment methods. They accept MasterCard and Visa. You may also choose one of online payment services or pay with bitcoin.

Minimum withdrawal is 10 € and you if want to withdraw your winnings (not the money that you deposited) you may choose any of the payment methods – if any problems occur, the Customer Service will contact you and withdrawal will be made through mutually agreed banking transfer. 

Lottomat – Crucial complaints 

There none of them, which is always a good thing! 

Lottomat – Extras

Just like with crucial complains – there aren’t any features we would call “extras” at Lottomat. 

Lottomat – Support

Although they support works 24/7, you may only contact them via email and contact form, which is far from perfect in the 21st century. On the other hand, their website (especially FAQ) is extremely rich and informative. 

Lottomat – To sum up | TL;DR

Safe, secure and legal online lotto agent, which operates as a middleman – they buy tickets in your name. 

Lottomat doesn’t try to lure you into spending money than you actually want to. 

There are no red flags or outstanding issues with this online lotto provider. 

They offer 21 various lotteries including all biggest four of them and major national ones 

It’s rather expensive and there aren’t many special offers and such. 

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