Lottosend Review

Just taking a glance at the Lottosend website and you get this kind of cool vibe, like – wow, this service is really at the top notch level of online lotto agents. It’s only logical if you take a look at their prices (in british pounds) – with this kind of earnings they must be really amazing. 

Visiting this website was really refreshing from another altough not so crucial reason – this is the first online lotto agent website I stumbled upon that doesn’t operate from a country famous for being gambling-friendly, but from the Slovak Republic!

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

Like most of the best online lotto providers Lottosend has “The Great Lotto Four” in their offer, so if you are interested in fighting for the highest jackpots possible you can visit this service. MegaMillions, US Powerball, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions are all there for you to play. In addition to these huge lotteries, you will find 9 good national lotteries, which offer smaller prizes in exchange for better odds. 

Lottosend – Is it trustworthy?

Lottosend is as trustworthy as online lotto agent can be. This is a 100% legitimate company from Slovak Republic, so there is no question whether they are legal or not – they are! 

What also makes me fond of their service is the fact that not only do they purchase physical tickets in your name BUT they send you a scanned copy of each ticket you bought – that is astonishing and almost never happens even among the oldest and best online lotto providers. 

All the security issues are also taken extremely seriously by LottoSend. Payments and withdrawals are safe, secure and encrypted and they guarantee than none of your personal data will be shared with third parties. 

Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness?

Yes and a thousand more times yes. Website is designed in very smart way, which enables it to run extremely smoothly, while being aesthetic as well. Navigating around LottoSend is a pure pleasure. 

What I dislike about their operation is the fact that default option of purchasing tickets is “3 lines” instead of “1 line” and changing it is not so intuitive. They clearly want people to spend more money, which isn’t a crime but I wouldn’t call it proconsumer, user-friendly behaviour. 

Lottosend – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

Simply a lot. More than 200% of actual ticket cost is normal rate at this website. Quality comes with costs I guess. On the other hand however, they offer some discounts, cashback and free money to spend on tickets (for ex.if you place $200, they add $50 to it).

Lottosend – Crucial complaints 

Pricing, pricing and pricing one more time. Nothing else. 

Lottosend – Extras

They provide you with typical set of lotto related extras such as syndicates (group play), multi draws, system, subscriptions plus some promotions and discounts. Nothing too impressive, but you shouldn’t hold it against them – they are strongly focused on classical online lotto agent services.   

Their Android app is also worth downloading if you are one these players who are always in motion.

Lottosend – Support

There are only two options to contact their customer service, but – what’s important – they both work really great. Their office opening hours are Monday to Sunday 8am – 4pm GMT if you are interested in calling them. The other option is sending them email via contact form – they typically respond within just 6 hours. 

Lottosend – To sum up | TL;DR

Expensive as hell but really professional. 

Company operates from Slovak Republic.  

It’s not a scam, you won’t get robbed there. 

Their coverage is rather okay. 

If you don’t my paying more for good service, give Lottosend a try.

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