MultiLotto Review

Here we go , talking about yet another online lotto provider from Malta, but this one isn’t as easy to describe as some of other top ones. From one standpoint it looks amazing, especially their home website. 

On the other hand, when you start digging and check out users’ opinions from the past – you may get mixed feelings about the quality of this service. But don’t get discouraged by this not not so enthusiastic opening – there is more to be discovered in the following paragraphs. 

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

Most of them to be honest. Multilotto’s coverage is probably its strongest feature, as you will both find all of the most impressive lotteries such US Powerball, Eurojackpot, main national lotteries from Europe and those more “exotic” less popular ones. 

Reading between lines of some older comments and such, its coverage might have been their previous downfall – they “offered” lotteries and other games that actually weren’t available when you tried to purchase them. Now this issue doesn’t occur. 

MultiLotto – Is it trustworthy?

Yes. This Maltese online lotto agent is operated by Multi Brand Gaming Limited, which of course has required license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Multilotto is actually another betting service, instead of concierge one. 

Experience is very similar, but it is the online lotto agent that must provide you with your winnings – not the lottery itself. 

What’s interesting, Multilotto transfers all of the winnings straight to your account. Winners needn’t to travel to Malta. When it comes to jackpots and second tier prizes however, you may wait up to 90 days before you actually see the cash.

Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness? 

In most cases yes, although people from USA, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea will be disappointed, since they are not allowed to use MultiLotto. Their website is really, really good. It runs smoothly, it is informative and designed in a very smart way. 

Another amazing thing is the display of people who win lotteries and the amount of money they get – of course they remain anonymous. If you scroll MultiLotto down, you will also see total sum of money that all the users won.

MultiLotto – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

Generally they don’t overcharge too much, so you won’t get robbed. It depends on the lottery, yet in most cases it is fine. Eurojackpot costs 2.50 euros, Lotto 6 aus 49 only 1 euro, while US Powerball as much as 6 euros. 

What’s cool though, is the fact that they offer really nice range of payment methods and each of them is explained if you click on them: 

Depending on the lottery, you may find really nice bundles and discounts if you are interested in purchasing more than one ticket at time.

MultiLotto – Crucial complaints 

This is the most bizarre part of our review, since we didn’t stumble upon many real problems but… 

Other people did, nevertheless these are things that clearly have improved since these complaints were originally made. 

The first problem concerned online casino games, which must have been taken down from MultiLotto and it was definitely a good decision. Perhaps this type of extra activity was too much to handle for this Maltese company, so they focused on other parts of their venture.

Another point that some players made, was the poor quality of MultiLotto’s support, which improved only in some percent. Still, you can’t reach them in any other way than by email, which is not ideal in the XXI century. On the other hand their response time is pretty decent (<24h) and they expanded their FAQ section, which is pretty informative at the current state. 

MultiLotto – Extras

With the casino games cut, what remained is the great choice of scratchcards and quite good mobile app – although there are a few online lotto agents that taken app development into another level. 

You can also choose “group play” while purchasing lotto tickets, which is just another word for syndicates.

MultiLotto – Support

We kind of covered “Support” in “Complaints” section, but to sum up: players can only contact them through email (sorry MultiLotto, not enough) and their FAQ is alright at the moment.

MultiLotto – To sum up | TL;DR

They had some major problems, but it seems they are all worked out. 

You bet on lotteries and you get your prizes straight from online lotto agent Multilotto.

Great coverage of various lotteries and scratchcards. 

Pricing is really good in cases of most of available lotteries.

Legitimate Maltese company. 

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