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From the first look at the Lott website you get this kind of warm, professional feeling. It’s only logical as the Lott is the official home of Australia’s Lotteries.

This means that all lotteries that you will find in their rooster have agreed to be united under the rainbow mark of the Lott. But does this “official” status mean that the Lott is actually good and trustworthy? 

Just so u know – although we would hardly call the Lott a charity, they inform you that whenever you play lotto through the Australia’s Official Lotteries you contribute to the greater good by supporting Australian local communities. 

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

The name of this online lottery agents kind of spoils the news. The Lott covers all the best Australian lotteries: 

  • Oz Lotto,
  • Powerball,
  • TattsLotto, 
  • Monday & Wednesday Lotto, 
  • Super 66, 
  • Set For Life, 
  • Lucky Lotteries, 
  • Lotto Strike, 
  • Instant Scratch-Its.

the Lott – Is it trustworthy?

The major issue and disadvantage at the same time is the fact the official home of Australia’s Lotteries isn’t open for guests from the majority of foreign countries and they check it. You have to be a resident of Australia or some of the other partner countries like New Zealand for example. 

The Lott requires you to give them your real address, which should be comprehensive with the one listed on you key identification document. Therefore international accessibility is not on its strong side. 

Legal status and safety issues look good on paper, since they are a legitimate australian company and have all the necessary licenses. Payments are secured with top encryptions and even their terms of use also seem pretty straightforward BUT… 

if you look into how the Lott really works and you read opinions and comments then you get these mixed feelings as if all these nice things were just a facade for not so smooth operation – legal though. 

the Lott – Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness?

Here is where our main concerns lay – not with theoretical legitimacy but with user-friendliness.  

General user experience is that the ride you get with the Lott is not smooth but rather bumpy and full of sharp turns. Nevertheless you will still get to your destination, by which we mean decent online lotto experience. 

Many things are just fine or even better than fine, yet you have to be patient since the Lott isn’t plug&play kind of lottery agent – for the specific information about most crucial disadvantages please read “Biggest complaints” and “Support” paragraphs. 

the Lott Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

Pricing is definitely neither great nor terrible – tickets don’t cost too much but the Lott isn’t just a one huge bargain offer. It’s just okay. On the other hand, there some more or less hidden extra costs and fees you need to look out to while playing. 

the Lott – Crucial complaints 

Among many silly complaints stating that the Lott magically changes draw numbers or simply steals your money, there were a few that caught our attention and after evaluation seems pretty valid. 

The first one is the fact that one needs to unlock account before being able to withdraw winnings – this requirement is not clearly stated and many people have justified reason to think that they money “disappeared” 

The other one would be the lack of possibility to withdraw your own money (sent to your Lott account in order to purchase tickets in the future) unless you turned them over or especially asked the Lott through support – that’s unfair. 

And there many various complaints suggesting that there are many common bugs and issues regarding the smoothness with which the service operates – many of them require contacting support and that leads us to the most profound problem of the Lott. This one however is elaborated one section below. 

the Lott – Extras

They provide you with a possibility to play lotto as a part of syndicate and that’s good. Apart from that the only other extra trait is the app for Android and iOS, which is not extra at all. App sucks and it ain’t worth your time, storage space and consideration. 

the Lott – Support

And here it comes, the one problem to rule them all and in darkness bind them. Support leaves much to be desired. Although they answer both emails and phones it often takes long, long time for users to get these answers, which often don’t involve real solutions. Sometimes issues are left unresolved for weeks. 

the Lott – To sum up | TL;DR

Australian lotteries only for residents from Australia and a few other “neighbouring” places. 

It looks great on paper, but the Lott has many issues so playing lotteries there is kind of a lottery itself. 

It’s not a scam, you won’t get robbed there, however this doesn’t mean that everything is peachy and you are up for pleasant experience. 

App sucks. 

Generally speaking, we wouldn’t recommend spending your time and money there.

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