Tipp24 Review

Like any other reviewing adventure this one too begins with checking out the website, just in order to get the first impression. And oh boy, it ain’t that good or promising.

It is quite crucial to restrain oneself from reading all the other reviews, opinions etc. This way I managed to get a clear opinion on whether this site is appealing or not.

Unfortunately, tipp24.com looks as if it were just a pop-up commercial website, that offers you a chance to either win an iPad that fell off the truck or cash in a check from your uncle, who by the way is a Nigerian prince.

Tipp24 – Language barrier

I am not German speaking person and I may fairly assume that many of aren’t either. Therefore you shouldn’t find Tipp24 too friendly as it is only in German. Just behind its appearance, the second thing to disappoint me was lack of language diversity.

With website that provides users with a range of all-european lotteries I expect English to be mandatory. All due respect to German language, it is English that still is closest to being common language of Western Civilization.

This is a great flaw of Tipp24 and there is nothing that defends lack of English language on this website. Contrary to poor appearance (some of may still find it appealing) this downside is quite objective.

Once you get into it.

You may choose between 6 lotteries consisting of:

  • LOTTO 6aus49
  • Eurojackpot
  • GlucksSpirale
  • KENO
  • LOTTO Vollsystem
  • LOTTO Teilsystem

and all of these are viable choices. There are also a few lesser games such as Superchance. The choice of lotteries is just fine, we can’t praise it much but at the same time there is nothing to complain about.

For some time reputation of Tipp24 was somewhat shady, as there was a statutory ban on brokering online games in Germany. Users were complaining about instability of the website and the fact that official site of German lottery said that Tipp24 was not authorized to sell their products.

This year the situation changed, because Tipp24 was accepted by German Association of State Lottery Companies (DLTB). Being its official partner means that winnings of Tipp24 customers are guaranteed by state. Therefore your winnings will be paid out, regardless of Tipp24 current condition.

Tipp24 – Final opinion

Long story short, we would recommend it only to people who really know their German language. Despite Tipp24 being reunited with DLTB, we still find it necessary to read all the terms and conditions in order not to make any mistakes.

For all the others out there, we think that you would be better off with other brokery online lotteries, especially these which are in English or your native language.

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