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Depending on what phrase u googled you may be directed to many different sites. It really matters whether you typed “online lottery”, “best lotteries”, “how to play lotto online” etc. Some of this websites will be clear and straightforward while others will leave with a notion of being either bamboozled or overwhelmed. 

When I first tried playing online lottery I was totally green and I got really discouraged by misleading language and structure of so called “Top Online Lottery Websites”. Therefore I would like to offer you something I wasn’t given, by which I mean Little Lotto Dictionary. 

Little Lotto Dictionary is a number of key words and phrases you need to know. Let’s begin. 

  1. Lottery – this is an organized service providing its user with a mix of “choose your numbers” games, which are settled with drawings. They are physically based – there are headquarters and outlets where you may purchase tickets physically too. The online branch of them is an extension. 
  2. Lottery agent (also online lottery provider, online lottery service, online lottery retailer) – this is an online service that enables you to purchase tickets for many different lotteries in the world. These are not lotteries itself but hubs, consisting of them and enabling you to choose from a number of lotteries, purchase tickets and collect potential winnings. 
  3. Lotto – the original meaning of this word is “a big nation-wide lottery with enormous winnings”. Nowadays it is mainly used a synonym of any big lotteries (especially those you can play online) with distinction to these little ones such as lotteries organized during festines or charity ones. 
  4. Lottery game – this is a particular type of drawing in which users participates. Main types of them are: 
    1. Pick 6 numbers/balls out of 1 to 49 
    2. Pick 6 numbers/balls out of 1 to 59 
    3. Pick 6 numbers/balls out of 1 to 90
    4. Bonus numbers/balls; Lucky shots, Extra chance
    5. Raffles – games where players may win cash (especially the exact amount to buy another ticket) or non-cash rewards such as cars, trips, electronics etc. Here you don’t need to pick correct numbers, but get a lucky ticket with winning number or symbol. 

The general theoretical rule is picking “x” numbers out of pool of numbers 1-99. 

  1. Free lottery – this is simply the lottery that doesn’t demand buying a ticket you just get it if u fulfill non cash related requirements. It provides you with an opportunity to win money for free – really. But be cautious there are many clickbaits or fakes. 
  2. Ticket (also coupon) – this is your purchased pick of numbers which entitles you to collect a potential winning. 
  3. Retailer (also outlet) – this is the place where you may physically purchase a ticket and collect your winnings. 
  4. Lottery site – this a general term meaning any website concerning playing lotto online. It may refer to particular lottery, lotter agent or even a blog with reviews. On we use it only to refer you online lottery agents. 
  5. Syndicate – this is (in lottery context) a group of people who decide to play lottery game together in order boost their chance of winning. The more different numbers picked, the greater chance to hit the bank. These people agree to divide a winning equally (or per share) among members of syndicate. 

Group may consist of people who know each other or of total strangers brought together by an online service which guarantees that a prize will be divided fairly. 

  1. Betting on the Lottery – this is a way of NOT playing the lottery but to bet on numbers that may occur in the drawing. You play it NOT with online lottery provider but with the bookmaker and the bookie is responsible for awarding the players who predicted numbers correctly. 

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