7 effective ways to increase your chances in a lottery online

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Some part of players think that winning a lottery is just luck and if we are to win millions, it will happen anyway – no matter what. Not many people know that you can help your luck – in order to win you have to play but with using your head!

In fact playing a lottery requires a lot of luck. All in all, you have to pick numbers, which are chosen randomly. A machine picks random numbers and you hope they are those that you have marked on your coupon. However, taking into consideration opinions of the players who have won millions and those of experts, it is impossible not to notice the fact that they have followed simple rules. Check them out!

Buy a ticket for the lottery, or even several of them

You don’t play – you don’t win. However, do you know that you can increase your chances several times by buying several coupons for the same lottery? A random game is a coincidence, so one coupon gives you only one chance, and each one more gives you more options. These are simple rules of probability and statistics.

Buy a ticket with your beloved ones and share the prize

Unfortunately, the more coupons, the biggest costs. However, you can solve this problem in a very simple way. Encourage your beloved ones to take part in the lottery. Your coupons increase the chances of winning and the cost of their purchase is considerably lower. It feels good to share the costs but it feels even better to share millions!

Play small and big numbers

It is not a myth. Each lottery has its own statistics. Based on them it seems that it does not make sense to pick consecutive numbers as well as those which are close to each other. Divide your coupon in two and choose numbers from each of the groups. It also does not pay off to rely on numbers which have the same digit in common, e.g. (9,19,29,39).

Verify the most frequently selected numbers

Each lottery has a set of numbers, which are selected exceptionally frequently and of those, which are practically never selected. Get familiar with the lotteries available on our website and check yourself which numbers are worth choosing and which are not. You will find them in a description of each lottery.

Add up

What is interesting it has been frequently proved that it is worth to add up selected by us numbers. If their sum fits into the range from 100 to 170 your chances of winning increase. 70% of all the numbers picked by a machine fall into that scope!

Don’t use a pattern on a coupon

Some part of players like to choose numbers which create a pattern on the coupon, e.g. an oblique line, a cross or a rectangle. The statistics proves that your chances plunge! It’s much better to pick random numbers!

Don’t get discouraged

Current millionaires have almost never won at a first try. Sometimes you have to wait for millions and getting discouraged may take your chances for huge money away from you!

Don’t wait. Play now!

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