Baba Ijebu

Baba Ijebu, is often called Premier Lotto. It is a very popular and one of the biggest lotteries in Nigeria. Where does its name come from? The name Ijebu comes from the relationship between a founder of the lottery and geographical location –Ijebu island.

A few words about the lottery

The lottery was created in 2001. Its founder and current director is Chief Kessington Adebukunola Adebutu. Creating a lottery on the premises of Nigeria wasn’t an easy task at all. Africa, and Nigeria in particular, is not a society that likes changes. Stress and fear of gambling were common here. The founder of the Baba Ijebu lottery has made a lot of effort so that the company could survive and become one of the largest lotteries of this type in Nigeria.

How to play Baba Ijebu?

Principles of this game as well as its structure differ a bit from the remaining, popular games in the country. According to specialists, it is a game of a considerably higher level. Most probably such opinions result from the fact that in this lottery the players have a chance to influence the winning. Everything depends on their bet.

A player must place a bet by choosing from two to five numbers from the pool of 90. In order to win a prize, a player must match all the winning numbers by the use of a drawn number.

What can be won?

The first prize is called NAP2. Players choose 2 numbers and determine how much they are worth. If these two numbers are drawn randomly, a player receives a cash prize that is 240 times greater than the value of the bet he/she made at the beginning.

NAP3, NAP4 and NAP5 work in a similar way. In NAP3, players choose three numbers, and if all of them are drawn, they will receive the value of the bet they made at the beginning x2100. In NAP4, the bet is multiplied by x6000. Of course, NAP5 is the most difficult number combination to get right. Due to that, the multiplier is the largest here – x44 000.

Players have a possibility to change up to 10 numbers, which slightly improves their chances to win. When a player chooses more numbers, he/she increases the chance to get many prizes in the game.

As you can see, this lottery does not have pre-determined prizes. The amount that the player wins depends only on him/her and the multiplier that is applied. The highest prize in the history of Baba Ijebu was 120 million nairas. For comparison, it is an approximation of an average annual salary in Nigeria. It equals 658,324 nairas. This example shows how high the prize is.

Some are suspicious

It must be admitted, however, that the format of this game is completely different from what competitive lotteries in Nigeria offer. Many players are suspicious of it and before they become familiar with its rules and find that it is completely safe and verified – it takes some time. This, however, did not prevent Bab Ijebu from becoming one of the most iconic lotteries in the country. Players who have concerns are recommended to start playing with a small bet in the simplest NAP2 option.

Summing up, this lottery is safe and you can play it with no concerns. The prizes are distributed quickly and with no problems.

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