Baloto Colombia

Colombian Baloto – How to Play

It couldn’t get simpler than that – choose six numbers out of 45 possibilities. If you have all six numbers correct, you’ll win the Baloto jackpot. The initial jackpot is 2,000 million pesos. There’s no cap on the jackpot and if it doesn’t get earned, it will be rolled over towards the next draw.

Needless to say, the sum can reach a juicy amount after several draws featuring no winners.

Revancha has a separate guaranteed jackpot – 500 million pesos. So in essence, one set of numbers submitted for one draw will give you access to two.

Though the Revancha jackpot is lower (about 172,000 dollars), it still isn’t an amount that can be dismissed lightly.

The Baloto draws take place on each Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased during the day of the draw but you’ll have to get yours a few hours in advance.

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