Belgium Pick 3

It is another attractive lottery game offered by Loterie Nationale. Loterie Nationale is a lottery organization in Belgium. Its history goes back many decades when it was called Colonial Lottery.

The organization was restructured in 1962, and its name was changed to Lottery Nationale. Some of the best-known games in the offer of Lottery Nationale are: Joker and Keno. The organization is also responsible for running EuroMillions in Belgium.

Players can try their chances every day, because the draw takes place every day except for Sundays and holidays. The game is very similar to Ontario Lottery Pick 3, Greece Super 3 and Israel Lottery 123.

How to play Belgium Pick 3?

The rules of Belgium Pick 3 are not the most difficult ones. The first step is to find your nearest authorized point of sale. You can also play this game online. There is no problem with that.

Next, a player chooses three numbers from the pool from 0 to 9 on the coupon. The numbers he chooses depending on the order must fit into the range from 000 to 999. The ticket has five game areas, the so-called grids. This means that a player can play all of them at once and increase his/her chances to win.

The cost for one single bet is 1 euro. The ticket will contain, among others, a combination of games that a player has chosen, and the dates of the draws he/she he subscribed for.

It is very important to sign your ticket on its back with your name and surname. This is the only proof of potential winning, and the money is issued to the ticket holder. Therefore, in order to make sure that no one else will receive a prize for the authorized player, he/she should sign it. Moreover, it cannot be destroyed. It is best to immediately sign it and hide it in a safe place.

As it was mentioned above, the draw takes place every day except for Sunday and public holidays. Three numbers are drawn and these are the winning numbers. If a player manages to match all of them in the right order, he/she receives 500 euros. The draw is broadcast live on TV. After the transmission, the results can be checked on the official lottery website or one can visit a point of sale and there, on the spot, verify his/her ticket.

What to do if I win?

In an online mode, the prizes are automatically credited to a player’s online account, and then he/she will have a possibility to convert them into cash or use his/her funds to buy new tickets for future games.

What else works in favor of Belgium Pick 3 is the fact that all prizes are tax-free. This means that exactly the amount of money that is to be won goes to a player.

A player who matches his/her numbers accordingly must now collect his/her reward. How it can be done depends on the amount a player won. It can be done either at the point of sale, or at the regional lottery office or, of course, at the lottery headquarters in Brussels.

The smallest amounts, up to 1,000 euros, are paid out at the point of sale. It is important that it is an authorized lottery point. The amount is paid in cash and you must have a ticket on you as a proof of your winning. Prizes from 1001 to 2000 euros can also be picked up at a sales point, at a regional lottery office or at the National Lottery headquarters.

Regional and national offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00. If such hours are not suitable for a player, he/she can send his/her ticket there, along with the identification document and an account number.

Prizes over 2,001 to 25,000 euros constitute another category. You can pick them up only at the regional office or at the National Lottery headquarters. The highest prize, i.e. more than 25,000 euros can be collected only at the National Gallery headquarters in Brussels. To collect it, you need to make an appointment in advance.

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