Bitcoin Lotto

Bitcoin Lotto is an innovative game, which – like most lotteries – is based on matching the right numbers. For some, it raises concerns, but as it turns out it is completely unjustified. It turns out that Bitcoin Lotto already has its first millionaire and the games has only been operating since 2017. Bitcoin Lotto is advertised as one of the first such lotteries in the world and according to the creators, every seventh ticket will result in some prize for a buyer.

What distinguishes Bitcoin Lotto is the fact that a player buys his/her ticket in the standard currency, for example, the euro, and wins prizes in a form of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. This lottery is perfect for people who wanted to get bitcoins, but they did not know how to get down to it.

How to play  Bitcoin Lotto

The player buys a coupon worth 3 pounds and then chooses six numbers from the pool of 49. The results of the game are based on the Spanish Bonoloto lottery. The draw takes place at 21:30 Central European Time every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Not only the player who gets the main prize wins. There are also prizes for matching two, three and four numbers. However, they are paid out in the standard currency. Only the main prize for getting six numbers right, i.e. a jackpot of minimum 1000 BTC, is awarded to a player in cryptocurrency. Players can accept bitcoin prizes in pounds or euros.

There are also many skeptics

Still a lot of players have a negative attitude towards Bitcoin Lotto, considering it not secure enough. The truth is that by choosing the right website we have nothing to fear of. You can read about how to choose a right service when playing on the Internet on our website.

Bitcoin Lotto is basically only a little different from other lotteries and its structure and rules are very similar to those popular games.

What can be won in Bitcoin Lotto

Lottery organizers may decide to raise the jackpot any time. So far they have reached the level of 1,400 BTC. The remaining levels of prizes are permanent, unless the prize is won by more than one player. Then the jackpot is proportionally divided. The following table shows what can be won:

Number MatchOdds of WinningPrize
6 Numbers1 in 13,983,816Minimum of 1000 BTC (or cash equivalent)
5 Numbers1 in 55,4921 BTC (or cash equivalent)
4 Numbers1 in 1,033£50
3 Numbers1 in 56.7£5
2 Numbers1 in 7.6£1.50

How does it work?

It is a breath of innovation in the field of games. Lotteries that use cryptocurrencies are something new and that is why some players may be distrustful about its legality. However, Bitcoin Lotto is organized by a company that guarantees paying out prizes. Lower prizes are covered by entry fees from the players, while larger amounts are guaranteed by insurance policies purchased by the organizer.

Can you play it online?

Bitcoin Lotto is an online lottery. This means that in order to take part in it you have to buy Bitcoin Lotto tickets online via a suitable service.

Playing Lottery online - why you should?