It is a Spanish lottery game that operates also outside the country. The draw in BonoLoto takes place as many as four times a week, which increases the chances to win. One can take part in the game online, which means that you can become a millionaire even without leaving your own place. The game, similarly to the majority of lottery games, has simple rules.

How to play BonoLoto?

First of all, one has to choose six numbers from the pool from 1 to 49. If his/her numbers are the same as the drawn ones, a player becomes the winner. The draw takes place four times a week. This means that each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday players have a great chance to become richer.

Jackpot starts from 400 000 euros. Similarly as in the case of other lotteries, if in a given draw there is no winner of the main prize, jackpot goes to the following draw. To play a player has to be at least 18 years of age. The results are broadcast in local information channels, as well as published in local papers and on the Internet.

About 55% of the money from the sale of tickets goes to the prize pool. A fairly large percentage is also used for social purposes. In the case of this Spanish lottery, we are dealing with local housing projects. Sometimes the funds are also devoted for education, health care and various social and cultural projects.

What are my chances to win?

The chance to win is not particularly high. The probability that a player manages to match all the six drawn numbers is only 1: 13 983 816. The chance to win the second degree prize amounts to 1: 103 769 105. The chance for the third and fourth prizes are slightly better. The third place in the ranking is 1 in 1 233 346, and the chance for the fourth one is 1 in 11.907.

Winning Numbers RequiredProbability (Single Game)
61 in 13,983,816
5 + 11 in 2,330,636
51 in 54,201
41 in 1,032
31 in 57

All the prizes are paid in a form of a lump sum. Prizes exceeding EUR 2,500 are subject to a tax rate of 20 percent. Obviously, the tax amount may vary depending on the country which a player comes from. It is worth checking the regulations in force in your country beforehand.

What if I win?

Prizes below 600 euros can be collected at any lottery sales point. If the prizes exceed this amount, they can be picked up at the Loteria Nacional branch in Spain.

The table below presents the five largest prizes in BonoLoto lottery of recent years:

JackpotDate Won
€7,219,705.92Nov. 11, 1990
€7,042,570.46Jun. 20, 2006
€6,491,274.41Dec. 14, 2005
€5,385,730.25Jun. 26, 2009
€4,750,990.47Sep. 15, 2003

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