Cash 25

Originating from Virginia Cash 25 lottery takes place four times a week. You can try your chances on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The game is very cheap and costs only one dollar. To win, a player must correctly match six drawn numbers.

How to play Cash 25?

On a coupon, a player marks six winning numbers from the pool of numbers from 1 to 25. The participants must remember that under no circumstances should they mark pools with red ink. This is not consistent with the rules and such a coupon, even if contains the correct numbers, will be not taken into account.

A typical coupon has 5 panels marked as A, B, C, D and E. A player can take part in each of them and it depends only on his/her willingness and financial possibilities. Only people over 18 years of age can take part in the draw. Each game costs $1.

Players can use the quick selection option, i.e. Easy Pick. This concerns especially those players who do not want to select the numbers manually and prefer the computer system to do it for them. This is an ideal option for beginners who make their first steps in the field of lottery games or simply for those who do not have much time. Then a player marks the option Easy Pick on the coupon and passes it to the seller. It should be emphasized that Cash 25, like any other lottery, is a game of chance and no set of numbers, whether selected manually or picked using Easy Pick, guarantees a prize.

What is Multi Draw?

It is an additional series of draws. To take part in it, a player has to select the appropriate option on the ticket. Of course you have to pay extra for these bonus draws and then they are printed each on a separate ticket. To check the results, a player just needs to visit his/her point of sale or check them in the local press.

What are my chances to win  and how much can I win in Cash 25?

If a player matches all the drawn numbers to the ones he/she has chosen, he/she wins a $ 25,000 jackpot. The probability that a player will match all the numbers is exactly 1: 177 100. If there are fewer than 11 winners in the draw, each of them gets a reward in this amount. However, if there are more than 11 winners, the $250,000 pool will be divided equally among all the winners.

The second prize is $250, and the chance to win it is 1: 55 351. The third prize is $10 and the chance is 1: 6 904. The last and smallest prize, or $1, goes to a player who matches three numbers from the six and the odds are 1: 914.

The following information presents the summary:

61 in 177,100
51 in 1,553.51
41 in 69.04
31 in 9.14

What to do if I win?

According to the regulations, a player must report for his/her prize up to maximum 180 days from the day of the draw. The winner must have a ticket with him/her, because it is the only proof of winning. Therefore, it is best if a player signs the ticket immediately after its purchase.

A player must remember not to lose the ticket, because only with it he/she will get the money due. The ticket must be also in a good condition and it cannot be damaged. Prizes worth $600 or less can be obtained from any West Virginia lottery reseller. Prizes worth more than $600 must be reported to West Virginia Lottery headquarters, located in Charleston.

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