Cash4Life is another lottery game. Thanks to it, a player has a chance to win two lifetime prizes for two dollars. Each Monday and Thursday a Cash4Life draw takes place, in which 5 of 60 white balls and one of four green balls are selected. The second one is called Cash Ball.

Win in Cash4Life

There are several ways to win in Cash4Life lottery. In order to win the main prize a player has to select all 5 numbers and a Cash Ball properly. He/She may also match any of the non-winning combinations to win other great cash prizes. All Cash4Life prizes should be reported in the state in which the winning ticket was purchased.

Start from this!

Firstly, you need to select five numbers from the scope of 1 to 60 in the upper part of the game or mark QP. The abbreviation QP stands for Quick Pick and allows the terminal to select at random some or all numbers. A Cash Ball number is selected in a similar way. In this case a player chooses a number from 1 to 4 in any part of the game or chooses QP. A player can win the highest prize equaling $1000 a day till the end of his/her life or the second prize amounting to $1000 a week. The remaining prizes in Cash4Life range from $2 and $2500. The overall chances of any winnings amount to 1 in 8.

When playing Cash4Life pay attention to this!

Organizers emphasize that a player always has to sign his/her ticket. It is best to do it right after buying it. Thanks to that nobody unauthorized will collect prizes for the winning ticket. The only person who can do it is the one who has bought the ticket!

You can play Cash4Life here!

You can play Cash4Life in New York, New Yersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Georgia and Florida. Sales of Cash4Life tickets started on the 17th of February 2017 on Florida. The purchased ticket is valid only in the state where a player has bought it. There is no possibility to buy a ticket via the Internet or via Post. One can only buy them using terminals located at the authorized sellers of the lottery.

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