Connecticut Lotto!

Connecticut Lotto! was created in 1989 in the USA. It is so specific that it allows its participants to participate in it only stationary. To take part in it, simply select six numbers from the pool of numbers from 1 to 44. Ticket prices compared to the chances to win are very low. The game did not look the same from the very beginning. Over the years, it has changed its principles.

Before its official start, the game consisted in matching six numbers, but from the pool from 1 to 33. The pool was later increased to forty numbers, up to the current version of forty-four numbers, which has been operating since 2013. Apart from the concept, the name of the game has also changed. Initially, it was called Classic Lotto and then Connecticut Lotto!

In the United States, it is one of the most popular lotteries. A person responsible for organization of its first draw in the state was then the governor Thomas Meskill. The lottery itself is a subject to the organization of Connecticut Lottery Corporation, operating since 1971. Apart from Connecticut Lotto!, this organization in its offer has also popular Play 3, Play 4, Cash5, Lucky Links and Keno.

How to play Connecticut Lotto?

The game rules are fairly simple. Each bet is $1, and a player must match six numbers from the pool from 1 to 44. If he/she is lucky enough, he/she wins jackpot. Tickets for a given draw can be bought in advance. So if a player plans a trip and does not know if he/she will have an authorized sales point nearby, he/she can buy several bets in advance, maximum up to thirteen weeks in advance. If a player decides on such an option, he/she will pay 25 dollars for exactly 26 draws, therefore, one draw is free of charge!

How much can I win and what are my chances to win the jackpot?  

This lottery has its minimum jackpot worth one million dollars. Similarly to other known lotteries, if no one wins the main prize, the amount of one million dollars goes to the next draw of the lottery. What is the chance that a player will match six numbers? The chance to win the jackpot is 1: 7 059 052.

What is the chance to win smaller prizes?

  • If a player matches 5 of the 6 winning numbers, then he/she receives  $2 000, and a chance for it is 1: 30 961.
  • If a player matches 4 numbers, he/she receives $50and the chance is 1: 669.
  • If a player matches 3 numbers, he/she wins $2. The chance is 1:42.

Can I play online?

Unfortunately, the tickets can be purchased only at an authorized sales point. There is no possibility to play Connecticut Lotto online!

What to do if I win?

Those who get lucky have sixty days from the day of the draw report their winning. A player must visit the Connecticut Lottery Corporation headquarters, and next choose a form of payment. He/she can choose a one-time payment option or 21 equal installments a year.

Smaller prizes, less than $599, can collected at any sales point which offers this lottery. Prizes between $600 to $5,000 can be collected by visiting the CT Lottery High-Tier Claim Center. If one’s prize is more than $ 5,000, you can collect it only at the lottery headquarters, and this amount will be charged with a 25% income tax.

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