Easy 5

Easy 5 is next to Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Scratch Offs a lottery that belongs to the offer of Luisiana Lottery Corporation. The institution was created in 1991. The game is very cheap and its rules are simple. That is why it is so popular among players. Easy 5 costs one dollar for a ticket and the draw takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays each week.

How to play Easy 5?

Louisiana Lottery Corporation has many retail sellers in the state, where you can buy a ticket.

All sales points are available on the website. It is best to verify the point to which you want to go, to be sure that it is a legitimate seller, acting in accordance with the law. The ticket itself consists of five panels. Each of them is 37 numbers from which a player chooses five main numbers that take part in the draw. Five available panels mean that a player can try his/her chances five times using one ticket. Remember not to mark numbers with a red ink. Such a coupon will be inconsistent with the regulations and immediately disqualified.

A player can also choose the option of quick selection. Then a computer generates random numbers. It is a great option for beginners, because it does not require using any tactics or intuition. Draws can be also planned in advance. A player can plan a maximum of twenty draws in advance. This is an ideal solution for those who have little time or often travel and do not have an authorized outlet for this lottery nearby.

Remember not to lose or destroy the ticket under any circumstances. This is the only proof that makes it possible for you to collect your prize. It includes the estimated jackpot for the draw, the date of the draw, the date of purchase of the ticket, serial number of the ticket and the selected numbers. The prizes are paid to the holder of the ticket, so in case of theft, the best solution is to sign it on the reverse. The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. To take part in the upcoming lottery, make sure you buy tickets at 9.30 at the latest on the day of the draw.

For an additional dollar you can buy the EZmatch option. After adding it on the ticket, the computer terminal will print 5 EZmatch numbers in the column on the ticket. If a player matches any of the 5 EZmatch numbers to any of the Easy 5 numbers printed on the ticket, he/she wins the EZmatch prize awarded for the given number. What’s interesting in the EZmatch awards is the fact that they can be collected on-site at your seller.

What are my chances to win?

All prizes are subjected to both federal and state tax deductions.

A player who manages to match all the numbers wins. Then he/she wins a jackpot which is worth minimum $50 000, and chances for it equal 1: 475 897. If it happens that nobody matches all the numbers and wins the jackpot, it is transferred to the following draw. Its amount depends on the ticket sales.

Matching 5 numbers is equivalent to winning $100. The chance for it to happen is1: 2,724. If a player matches 3 numbers, he/she wins $7, with a chance 1:88. Finally, matching 2 numbers means winning 1 dollar with a chance of 1: 9.

5 NumbersCash Jackpot
4 Numbers$100
3 Numbers$7
2 Numbers$1

What do I do if I win?

Deadline for submitting applications for the prizes is 180 days from the date of the draw. If a player wins $600 or less, he/she can collect the prize from the lottery dealer or any lottery office.  Alternatively, he/she can collect his/her prize at the headquarters.

Prizes worth over $600 can be picked up at the lottery office or headquarters. To do this, a player needs a social security number and an ID with a photo.

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