Florida Lucky Money

Lucky Money Overview: What Is It?

Lucky Money is a relatively new addition to the Florida lottery pool. It came to replace Mega Money in 2014. The new option is characterized by a bigger number of winners and by more attractive lower tier prizes.

Many people are drawn to Lucky Money because of the lucrative ticket price – just 1 dollar. If you’re rubbing your hands already in eager anticipation, however, calm down.

The price of the ticket is far from the most important factor and we’ll first need to take a look at several other criteria.

How to Play Lucky Money

Here are the rules – to win the jackpot, you need to choose 4 out of 47 numbers, plus an additional Lucky Ball in the range from 1 to 17. The Lucky Money jackpot you’ll win by getting the four numbers and the Lucky Ball right will start at half a million US dollars.

Apart from picking the five numbers, players have several additional options to choose among. EzMatch can be selected on top of the regular ticket. This feature enables additional winning that can reach up to 500 dollars.

Five additional EzMatch numbers will be printed on the ticket, right underneath your main pick. The correct number of EzMatches will determine the additional prize.

Adding the EzMatch option to your ticket will bring the price up to two dollars – a worthy investment, considering the added benefits.

There’s also a Quick Pick option, if you don’t have numbers that you’d like to play with. Your 4 picks and the Lucky Ball will be chosen randomly for you through the use of a computerized number generator.

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