This is one of the games offered by the Washington Lottery. Interestingly, you do not have to be a citizen of the United States to play it. All you have to do is enter your address if you live outside the US and you can start. This is probably due to the fact that in the United States lottery games are very popular and each year they become even more besieged by players.

How to play Hit 5?

You can play Hit 5 both stationary and online. How to play it? It is very easy. Just choose 5 numbers from the pool from 1 to 39. A player can choose his/her favorite numbers or use the Quick Pick option. This option consists in automatic generation of numbers for a player by the system. This is an ideal option for those who make their first steps in lottery games, but also for those who do not have too much time to play.

A prize in Hit5 is guaranteed. To win it you need to match your numbers to those generated during the draw. Taking part in the draw costs only $1, which in the case of jackpot starting from $100,000 is a really attractive price. Important! A player must keep his/her ticket. It is the only proof in case of winning and a cash prize is issued on its basis. It’s best to sign it with your name and surname.

When does the Hit 5 draw take place?

The draw takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at exactly 6.00 p.m. To participate in the Hit5 lottery in Washington, a player cannot be under 18 years of age.

Some practical information

The results can be checked, inter alia, at walotttery.com website, which is the official site of the lottery in Washington. There is also another way to check the results. Just go to the nearest authorized sales outlet and use the Check-A-Ticket option. There, a player receives information whether he/she belongs to the group of lucky winners or not. A player can also join the Payers Club, which gives him the ability to receive the results via e-mail.

If there are some bothering questions during the game, a player can always call the Washington Lottery. Its number is 1-800-545-7510. There, the service will answer all the player’s questions, and what is important –  they are allowed to provide a player with the winning numbers. The numbers are also announced in the local press.

How and what can I win in Hit 5?

A player can win in Hit 5 in four ways. In Washington, the jackpot is called the cashpot. To win it, a player must match all the five drawn numbers. Does he/she have a chance? The probability of winning a cashpot is 1: 576,000. If the prize is won by more than one player, it is divided equally between the winners. Cashpot grows thanks to ticket sales. The higher the sales, the higher the cashpot.

The prize also depends to some extent on the case. If the main prize was not won in the previous draw, it proceeds to the next draw, thus increasing its pool.

If a player matches four numbers, he/she receives $100. The chance for such a situation to take place is 1; 3 390. Matching three numbers gives $10, with a probability of 1: 103. The last category of prizes in Hit 5 is $1, and to get it you need to match any two drawn numbers, and the odds are 1: 9.62.

The general chance for a player to win any prize in Hit 5 lottery is 1: 8.77, which means that the chance to win is huge and practically everyone has it. It is worth trying your luck, especially taking into consideration the fact that the price of one bet is relatively low.

4 of 5$100
3 of 5$10
2 of 5$1

What if I win Hit 5 lottery?

We have already written how and where to check if we are the lucky winners. But what when it appears that a player has won? What is the next step?

If a player notices that he/she has won the prize, he/she must report it immediately. Procedures provide for a certain number of days when you can apply for the prize. This limit is 180 days from the day of the draw. To receive a prize, a player can:

–  go to any Washington Lottery authorized sales outlet. It is a convenient and easy option. Prizes that can be obtained at the point of sale are below $600.

– If the ticket was signed by a player, he/ she can send it directly to the main headquarters in Washington: Washington Lottery, P.O. Box 43050, Olympia, WA 98504-3050.

– If the prize exceeds $600, it must be reported in the office of the lottery.

The prizes are taxed with a federal tax.

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