Iceland Lottó

Icelandic Lotteries. When did it start?

Icelandic lottery started operating on the 17th of April 1952. When it started it has in its offer only Danish and Swedish football. With time the lottery has begun expanding its activity and football has become more and more popular. In 1995 other sports disciplines were introduced. These were: handball, basketball, racing, bowling, boxing or ice hockey. The organizers inform on their website that they are trying to support the local sports youth and the profits from the activity are mostly for this purpose.

Who can play Iceland Lottó?

In accordance with the rules, which apply in Iceland only individuals above 18 years of age can take part in a lottery. A money  exceeding 100000 crowns is transferred to the credit card linked to a player’s account. If players decide to take a break from the game, they have a maximum of six months. That is exactly how long a player can stay inactive. Every day a participant of the lottery can spend a maximum of 12,000 crowns on a lottery, and the ones who manage to win very large prizes are offered support.

Icelandic lotteries and their short overview

One of the most popular games in Iceland is Viking Lotto. Jackpot in this lottery has amounted even up to €25 million! Apart from it the Icelanders willingly play EuroJackpot, Islandto Lotto, Lotto 5/40, Joker – an addition to Viking Lotto or Iceland Lotto.

Iceland Lottó. How to play?

This is another of the more popular lotteries in Iceland. Iceland Lotto is played every Saturday night. The game gives you five different ways to win, and jackpots start from a minimum of 5 million crowns. The main prize can increase significantly if nobody matches his/her five numbers to the drawn ones.

To play Iceland Lotto, a player must choose five numbers from the pool of 40. The time for ticket sales is 18:40 GTM (19:40 CET), and each batch of numbers costs 130 crowns. The jackpot is won by a person who matches five of his/her numbers to the five randomly drawn ones. Any reward is obtained from matching two appropriate numbers – this is the so-called Bonus Ball.


On Saturday, Lotto Iceland lottery is also accompanied by the Joker draw. It is selected during the main draw at 18:54 GMT (19:54 CET). To play it, a player has to choose five numbers from 0 to 9. The same number can be selected several times. The winning five-digit joker number is drawn in min. on Saturday night. A player wins the prize by matching his/her numbers to the numbers drawn.

Attention! The numbers must be also in the same order. The prizes are already won for matching two numbers. For example, if our string of numbers  is 12345 and the winning number is 24845, we get a cash reward for matching the last two numbers – 45. The more numbers matched, the bigger the prize.

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