Jersey Cash 5 XTRA

How to Play Jersey Cash 5Xtra

Playing Jersey Cash 5 Xtra is a relatively simple endeavor. You’ll only have to pick your 5 lucky numbers from a pool of 43. A single ticket costs 1 dollar and drawings are held every day of the week.

Apart from the basic option, the lottery offers a few additional cool opportunities.

The Xtra portion of the name comes in the form of an additional perk that can be activated for a payment of 1 dollar on top of the ticket price.
The Xtra can potentially increase the amount that players win.

The aim of the Xtra is to give you a multiplier.

If you match 3 or more numbers for the respective drawing, the sum that you’ll be entitled to is going to be increased by the multiplier number. A multiplier can be in the range from x2 to x5.

An Instant Match feature can also be activated for a payment of 1 dollar.

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