Kosovo Loto 7/39

Kosovo Loto 7/39 is another lottery game. Players choose seven numbers from the pool of 1 to 39, and during the draw they get to know the winnings. The winning prize amount is already known before the draw.

Kosovo government guarantees paying out of the prize and there is no possibility that a player taking part in this lottery will not receive the prize due. The game is new on the market. However, do not be afraid of it, because it is completely legal and organized by a national unit.

How to play Kosovo Loto 7/39

Kosovo Loto 7/39 is organized twice a week: on Wednesdays and Saturdays. One of the commission members is an official appointed or authorized by the Ministry of Finance. The draw is organized by Kosovo Lottery and the place of the draw is Pristina. In each of the weekly draws, 7 numbers are generated. To take part in the draw, a player must buy a bet. There are two ways to get a ticket: random and auxiliary. One-time entry into the game costs 0.2 euros. Although the winnings in this lottery are not too high, it is worth participating in it, for example because of the low price of a ticket.

Apart from the 7/39 draw the lottery has an additional game called Joker. It is a chance to win additional prizes, so it is worth taking advantage of it if we are focused on winning. Joker costs €0,5 euro which gives a total cost of a ticket of €0,7. In addition to the standard entry, players can win system draw. In this case, 8 to 12 numbers are selected. System play is more expensive (12-hour ticket costs 158.4 ruto), but it considerably increases the chances of winning, allowing players accessing many prizes.

How much can I win in Kosovo Loto 7/39?

The minimum guaranteed jackpot is €70,000. If there is no winner in the draw, then the sum is added to the next draw. What are the chances for the main prize? The probability that a player correctly guesses the seven selected numbers is 1: 15 380 937. Apart from the jackpot there are three additional prizes and Joker. So far, the highest prize that has been won in this game was €122,979. It happened in autumn 2016.

The second level of the prize is for people who guess 6 numbers. The probability that such a situation takes place is 1: 70 880. The chance to win the third level of prizes is 1: 477. The lowest and simultaneously the most probable prize is for the players who get four numbers right. The chance for such a situation is 1: 89.

The pool of prizes is determined on the basis of the amount paid by the participants of a given draw. This is usually 50% of the total collection and this information is made public just before the draw. The prize fund is allocated in the following manner:

  • The first category of prizes has 20% of shares
  • The second category of prizes has 20% of shares
  • The third category of prizes has 20% of shares
  • The fourth category of prizes has 40% of shares

Can you buy a ticket online?

Playing online in the case of this game is possible only when a player has an identification number of Kosovo. This number is used to verify identity of a potential winner before paying out money to him/her. However, this doesn’t mean that residents of other countries cannot take part in the lottery. A player can take part in it only during his/her personal visit to Kosovo.

What if I win?

In order to collect a prize, a player needs to send his/her application containing the serial number, date of the draw, a point of sale where the ticket was purchased as well as the player’s data. Prizes for the jackpot and the second category are reported at the headquarters, while the third category and fourth category prizes can be picked up at an authorized point of sale.

Remember not to throw away or lose your ticket! A player’s ticket is the only proof of participation in the draw and the potential prize. The players have 60 days from the date of the draw to report their winnings.

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