LatLoto 5/35

LatLoto 5/35 lotto was created on the 10th of January 1993, which means that the first draw took place three years after gaining independence by Latvia. From the very beginning the lottery is very popular and very frequently it is the first choice of experienced players. The draws are organized twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. Additionally, they are broadcast live on TV.

A few words about LatLoto 5/35

The lottery is completely legal, so players have nothing to fear. LatLoto 5/35 belongs to the offer of Latvijas Loto, which is controlled by the appropriate national institutions. Latvijas Loto is a member of the European Lottery Association, which automatically means that the organization has adopted responsible rules of the game. Moreover, it also has to stick to certain guidelines that are adopted throughout the continent

In its portfolio, apart from LatLoto 5/35, there are also the largest lotteries, such as: Viking Loto, Super Bingo, EuroJackpot, Dzokers and Dzokers 7, Keno and Loto 5.

How to play LatLoto 5/35?

Lotteries contrary to other popular games have gone away from the concept of 6/49. On the one hand, it’s a good decision because a smaller range of numbers can actually increase the chance of winning. The game is very simple. The lottery participant must choose five numbers from the pool of numbers from 1 to 35. Price of such a ticket is €0.75. As mentioned before, the draws take place twice a week, which increases the chances to win. Players can buy tickets at the official lottery website or at an authorized retail outlet.

Apart from the regular participation in the game, the ticket can ensure entrance to additional games, such as Dzokers or Dzokers 7. To take part in them, a player must simply tick the appropriate box on his/her ticket.

The tickets can be purchased at an authorized lottery sales outlet or via its official website.

Can I play LatLoto 3/35 online?

The official website of LatLoto 5/35 provides such a possibility. A player has to register at the website and start playing. Unfortunately during the registration process a player has to give his/her Latvian identity document. This means that international players cannot take part in the lottery. They can only do that by buying a ticket in an authorized point of sale in Latvia.

How much can I win in LatLoto 5/35?

The chance to hit the jackpot is 1: 3 246 320. Of course, as in the case of majority of lotteries, if in a given draw nobody wins the highest prize, it goes to the next draw, simultaneously increasing the winnings. LatLoto 5/35 does not offer particularly high jackpots. Nevertheless, some lucky players have already managed to win quite interesting prizes over the recent years. In 2014, a player won the largest jackpot in the history of lottery, i.e. €179 942. The second biggest jackpot happened in January 2010 and it amounted to €157 202.

Apart from the main prize, the players fight for the three additional prizes. The chances to win are, as follows:

– 1: 360 702,

– 1: 2 164,

– 1:75.

The amounts are not fixed and often vary depending on the sales of tickets in a given draw and the number of winners.

What to do if I win?

A lucky player who matches his/her numbers with the ones drawn in LatLoto 5/35 may apply for the prize of less than €150 in any authorized point of sale or via the Internet. If the prize is more than €150 but less than €720 he/she can also to that via the Internet or collect it in the main managing unit that is Latvijas Loto in Riga. A similar situation takes place in the case of the highest prizes. The players who won more than €750 may collect their money personally in Riga. To collect his/her prize a player has 30 days from the date of the draw.

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