Lotto 47

How to Play Lotto 47?

As the name suggests, Lotto 47 has a 6 put of 47 format. To win the jackpot, you’ll have to match all 6 of the numbers for the respective drawing. The lottery has 2 drawings per week – on Wednesday and Saturday.

When buying a ticket, you can either enter your own numbers or opt for the Easy Pick option. In the second case, the numbers will be generated randomly by a computer.

Apart from giving you this option, the lottery also features advanced ticket purchase. You can buy your tickets for up to 60 upcoming drawings, which will free you from having to visit a local retailer every single week.

Apart from this standard gameplay scenario, Lotto 47 comes with an additional opportunity called EZMatch. To unlock this possibility, players will have to pay an additional dollar. If any of the 6 numbers chosen match the EZMatch numbers on the ticket, the player will win additional cash prizes.

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