Lottomatica Lotto

Lottomatica with no doubt is the most popular lottery game in Italy. The draw takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and that means that three times a week players have a chance to win great prizes. The main prize is €2,9 million. Principles of this game are extremely simple and basically, they don’t differ at all from those in other popular lottery games. 

How to play Lottomatica?

First of all, the game is very comfortable. Apart from the fact that the rules are very simple – which will be explained in further part, you can take part in it either offline or online i.e. even without leaving your place. The whole procedure is very similar to other lotteries. Just register at the official lottery website and create an account. It will contain all your data, which is necessarily if you win the prize, without having to fill in the form.

Most frequently the players go to an authorized point of sale, buy a ticket and immediately take part in the game. The lottery is aiming at targeting as many people as possible, therefore, in the whole of Italy there is plenty of authorized points of sale.

A ticket has three lines. Each of them is a string of numbers from 1 to 90. You have to select 5 numbers. A single coupon entitles to maximum three bets. In order to bet more, you have to buy an additional coupon. When marking your numbers remember not to use red ink because it is forbidden and a coupon with such a mark will be invalidated. If you make a mistake while marking numbers, cancel the entire game line by checking the empty box.

Each ticket has a date of its purchase, date of the draw, unique serial number, numbers selected and information on whether it is a multiple lottery. Signing a ticket at its back is recommended so that you can prove that you are its owner.

The numbers can be chosen individually according to your tactics or sentiment. However, there is also a Quick Pick option available, i.e. fast selection. It consists in automatic generation of the numbers by a system. It is a perfect option for those who begin their adventure with lottery games and for those who have little time. There is no guarantee that the numbers generated by a computer are the winning numbers. It is only a method of choosing them.

Can I play Lottomatica lottery online?

The game played online is very simple and it almost doesn’t differ from the traditional one. At the website of Lottomatica Lotto, there is a detailed instruction how to do it. It is worth remembering that before starting the game online, you have to create an account in accordance with The Lotter’s recommendation.

When you open your account, you give the government access to your personal data. After starting the account, you top it up using Skrill cash, bank transfers, payment card, trust, Mastercard, Visa and the like. There is an iPhone and Android app that you can download and play anywhere.

What are the chances to win in Lottomatica?

There are four categories of the prizes:

  • The first and the highest one is jackpot, and the Chance to win it is 1: 43 949 268. In order to win in this category you have to get all your five numbers right. 
  • The chance to win the second degree prize is 1: 103 167. To win in this category you have to match 4 of 5 numbers. 
  • If you match 3 of 5 numbers you win  the third category prize and the chance to win it is 1: 1217. 
  • The last category is guessing 2 of 5 numbers. The chance to be in such a situation is very high and it is 1:43. 

It is worth remembering that all the prizes are charged a tax of 6%. The result of the draw can be checked at the official lottery website, in the local press or via the phone using the lottery helpline. You can also go to a stationary point. Players who have decided to play online will receive a text message and an e-mail with information about the result of the draw.

Only people over 18 years of age can participate in the lottery.

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