Lucky Lotteries

How to Play Lucky Lotteries?

Playing Lucky Lotteries is pretty simple and straightforward. To get started, choose the game of your choice – this will be determining for the price of the ticket. When you do, decide whether you’d like to have your numbers picked in a random order or a sequential order (they will be allocated in order).

You can make a choice between one and 10 numbers per ticket. Obviously, the more numbers you choose, the more expensive the ticket is going to be.

In each drawing, a first, second and a third prize will be drawn. The lottery will also have a wide array of smaller prizes. The jackpot ticket will be drawn separately from the selection of other prize divisions. A jackpot number can be one of those drawn already. This means that if you’ve won a Lucky Lotteries prize already in the drawing, you also have the chance to potentially snatch the biggest prize of them all.

Because winning the jackpot isn’t that easy, there are numerous drawings without a top winner. If the biggest prize isn’t claimed, it will roll over towards the next drawing. This way, Lucky Lotteries has managed to produce some spectacular jackpots over the years.

Playing Lottery online - why you should?