Megabucks Doubler

How to Play Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler?

Playing Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler is a really simple task.
A single ticket line has you picking 6 numbers from a pool of 49. The cost of submitting a single line for the respective drawing is one dollar.

If you don’t feel like choosing your own numbers, there’s a quick pick option that will have the set of 6 generated automatically.

There’s an interesting difference between Megabucks Doubler and other lotteries in the US. The Massachusetts Lottery still uses numbered lottery balls to draw the lucky numbers. This method is in complete contrast with the more innovative use of a random number generator.

To ensure the complete fairness of each drawing, Massachusetts Lottery has professionals complete three test drawings prior to the actual one. This way, they can make sure there are no differences in the weight or the shape of the numbered balls.

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