Mifal Hapais

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Mifal Hapais offers a selection of games. Their main lottery draw “generally” is held on Tuesday and Saturday nights.

I tried to get to the bottom of the word ‘generally’ but it appears for various reasons sometimes the draw is deferred and there is also a draw held on the first Thursday of each month.

The main lottery game at Mafal Hapais involves choosing 6 numbers between 1 and 37 and a Chazak number. Chazak in Hebrew means strong and works the same as a Powerball or Lucky Ball in other lotteries.

The jackpot starts at around US$ 2,238,160 (NIS 8,000,000) and players have to match all six numbers plus the Chazak.

Prizes are paid out down to the seven tiers including matching 3 numbers plus the Chazak. It’s a roll over draw though it is capped.

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