Ontario 49

How to Play Ontario 49?

To play Ontario 49, you have to choose a set of 6 lucky numbers out of a pool of 49. Each selection costs one dollar. Players that match anywhere between 2 and 6 numbers for the respective drawing will win a prize. The lowest tier prize is a free ticket for the upcoming drawing.

It’s also possible to purchase a quick pick ticket, in which the numbers are randomly assigned.

For an additional dollar, players can activate one more lottery playing opportunity known as Encore. The bonus game makes it possible to win additional prizes, the highest one being 1 million dollars.

A 7-digit Encore number is printed on a regular Ontario 49 ticket. Players can win prizes by matching the number from left to right, from right to left or both ways.

Encore is only available for tickets purchased in Ontario because the 7-digit number has to be printed on the ticket during the purchase process.

The odds of winning a prize after activating Encore are 1 in 9.17, which is pretty impressive regardless of the lottery that Ontario 49 is being compared to.

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