Polla Loto

How to Play the Polla Chilena Loto?

You may want to start by buying a simple ticket and choosing 6 numbers from 41. The cost of this simple ticket is 1,000 Chilean pesos or about 1.53 US dollars. There are three Loto drawings per week and there are 8 prize tiers.

Once you master the basic option, you may want to try some of the add-ons.

The first bonus option is Revancha (rematch). This bonus came into existence in 1995. The cost of Revancha is 300 pesos and it increases the prize that people who get 6 numbers correct will win. In addition, Revancha the player is given a second opportunity to win a prize with the 6 numbers that they have chosen.

Multiplicador can be activated for an additional sum of 500 pesos. It applies to most of the prize tiers and applies a multiplier to those. The multiplier can be in the range of x2 to x7 and it doesn’t apply to the jackpot amount.

Desquite or retaliation became available in 2010. The game system is accessible for an additional payment of 200 pesos. Whenever Desquite is chosen, the Loto jackpot and the Revancha winning amount can both be increased. Desquite gives players a third opportunity to win with the 6 numbers that they’ve chosen for the main Loto game.

All of this may sound a bit confusing at first but you may want to activate one bonus or the other each time you play Chile’s Loto. With time, you’ll gain a much better understanding of the possibilities and the benefits that they bring to the table.

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