I guess everyone heard about it or will hear about it sooner or later. Even before I started taking more interest in the huge world of lotteries, I had known that one of the biggest ones is the US Powerball. 

So let’s take a closer look at the world’s most famous lottery. Its story began in 1987 with the formation of the Multi-State Lottery Association. A year later the first drawing had taken place and during the next 32 years it changed and grew. Today US Powerball “unites” 45 states every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET at what time the draws occur in the Powerball studio in Tallahassee.

Content, coverage or other words – what games can you find here?

US Powerball is what we call double matrix lottery. A player must choose 5 numbers from range of 1 to 69 and the this one famous “Powerball” number from to pool of numbers between 1 and 26. $40 million is the minimum amount of money you may win if you hit the jackpot. One ticket costs $2.

Players are also provided with a possibility to use Power Play multiplier, which simply increases the amount of money you win if you hit lower tier prizes. How much more money may you win if you spend $1 extra, while purchasing your ticket? It depends, because the Power Play multiplayers vary from modest 2x to enormous 10x. Imagine winning half a million dollars instead of just 50 000….

Powerball – Is it trustworthy? 

Yes. This is well-established and old lottery, so you won’t get scammed, although the chances of hitting the jackpot ain’t high (still better than Italy’s SuperEnalotto…). General rule is that you have to be present in the USA (in one of these 45 states) and be over 18 to purchase the ticket. 

Of course there are online lotto services that care of that geographical problem either by being a middleman or by offering you betting on lotteries. 

Also you should be aware of the huge taxation in the USA. Whether you are a citizen or not, around 30% of your prize stays in the New World. Another problematic issue is the way you collect your prize. If you want everything at once, they will take another huge bite at your money. Collecting your winnings in parts is the way to actually withdraw the entire sum. 

Recommended agents to play this lottery

https://www.lottoland.com/en – here you don’t actually play the US Powerball, but bet on this lottery. All in all, the experience and winnings are almost 1:1.

https://www.wintrillions.com/ – good online lottery service with reasonable prcing and support

https://www.thelotter.com/ – so, so many languages to choose from, super professional and legitimate but quite expensive

Odds and prize pools – what are your chances of winning and how much can you get? 

What can I say? There are some lotteries that have worse chances of hitting the jackpot, but not many of them… For example when considering odds European transnational lotteries eat US Powerball at breakfast. 

Configuration Odds Typical prizes

5 + PB 1 in 292,201,338 Jackpot

5 1 in 11,688,053 $1 million

4 + PB 1 in 913,129 $50,000

4 1 in 36,525 $100

3 + PB 1 in 14,494 $100

3 1 in 580 $7

2 + PB 1 in 701 $7

1 + PB 1 in 92 $4

0 + PB 1 in 38 $4

Powerball – Support

It all depends on the either US or non-US lottery provider of your choice.

Powerball – To sum up | TL;DR

Famous and legitimate, but nothing really amazing. 

You may increase lower tier winnings if you buy Power Play multiplier – that’ actually amazing, because…

odds apart from the one concerning the jackpot are really decent. 

Taxation on USA is huge.

Tickets cost $2. 

Playing Lottery online - why you should?