How to Play Quina?

In the past, Quina was only open to residents of Brazil. Today, online lottery agents have made it possible for people from all parts of the world to try out Brazilian games.

All that you have to do is be at least 18 and sign up for one of the various online services that feature Quina tickets.

Playing is simple – just choose five numbers out of the 80 available. A correct combination of three, four or five numbers will bring you an award.
It’s also possible to play a system that features up to seven numbers and increases the odds of winning a prize.

Players can either opt for their lucky numbers or let the system randomly select five.

The most dedicated individuals are free to opt for the subscription or multi-form opportunity for purchasing tickets. This way, the same numbers will be submitted for each draw and the players will make sure that they haven’t missed a single opportunity to win an award.

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