Singapore 4D

How to Play Singapore 4D?

To play Singapore 4D, you have to choose a 4-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. The minimum amount you have to bet on the number is one Singapore dollar. This is where things get to be a bit complicated because flexible betting options are available.

The 4D bet types include a big bet, a small bet, an ordinary entry and a system entry.

Anyone who places a big bet will win a prize whenever their number appears in any of the 5 available prize categories. People who opt for a small bet will win whenever their number appears in the top 3 prize tiers.

When an ordinary entry is chosen, the player wins money if the 4-digit number matches any of the winning numbers in the exact same order. An entry allows players to select 4 digits and place their bets on all possible orders.

A system bet increases the odds of winning, but it also makes the participation in Singapore 4D more expensive. The system entry costs 24 dollars for 24 combinations created out of the 4 digits. The minimum system entry is 4 dollars.

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