SuperEnalotto originated in 1949. At first it was not very popular. In 1997, after several changes and making it more attractive for the players it became a great success. Today, SuperEnalotto is a national property. Its popularity has reached the ends of Europe and the prizes possible to win are really high. To give it a go you do not have to live in Italy, you just have to buy a ticket at e.g. Lottorank website.

To win you have to play. To play you have to buy a ticket and pick 6 numbers from the scope 1–90 correctly. Getting them all correctly is a guarantee of the prize of the first degree. However, there are 6 winning categories. Those players who indicate 2 drawn numbers also win. Additionally, the game has an extra option in a form of a bonus number – Jolly.

If you get 5 main numbers correctly and the bonus number – Jolly you can multiply the prize. Unfortunately this option is available only in Italy. Thus, for players from other countries 5 levels are available, but they are still a chance for a determined money prize.

SuperEnalotto is also a game where rollovers take place very frequently, so its winning coefficient is quite high. 177 700 000 euro has been the biggest prize so far and it went to the group of players from Milan.

The draw of the winning numbers is three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on Saturdays at 20.00 of the local time. You can check the results at Lottorank website.

How can I buy a ticket for SuperEnalotto lottery?

If you are not in Italy you can buy a ticket for SuperEnalotto lottery using the Internet, e,g. using Lottorank website. Choose “Play” option and fill in one or more coupons. The system is available online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any place in the world.

Each ticket purchased via LottoMat is genuine, valid and takes part in SuperEnalotto draw

How much do I have to pay for a ticket?

Pick 6 numbers on your ticket/tickets online or choose the hit-or-miss option at the top of the screen. Fill in each ticket the way you want. The price will show up at the bottom of the list. The amount due is based on the number of filled in coupons and it includes their price and a fee.

Now wait…. maybe this time it is you who is the winner!

Do you want to increase your chances? Follow our advice!

Make sure that the sum of the numbers you picked in each ticket fits into a range 208-338, as 70% of all main prizes were within this range. All you have to do is to add individual values to one another.

Low and high numbers are the best strategy! Divide 90 by half and choose one of the proportions 2:4 (two from the scope 1-45, four from the scope 46-90), 3:3 or 4:2.

Do you remember? The biggest prize in this game was won by a group! Therefore, encourage your family and friends to play. You will buy more tickets but at the same time you will spend less.

Remember about the rollovers. It is a great opportunity for the highest win!

Give yourself a chance and try SuperEnalotto!

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