Toto 2 6/49

How to Play Toto 2 6/49?

Any lottery enthusiast out there knows how to play a 6/49 game. For a chance to win the jackpot, you’ll simply need to choose your 6 lucky numbers and pay for the ticket.

A single entry costs 0.85 Lev or 0.48 US dollars. It’s also possible to play a system, which increases the price of the ticket, but also makes it more likely for the player to win an award.

Toto 2 6/49 has 2 drawings per week – one on Thursday and one on Sunday.
There may be special drawings for certain holidays. These are usually announced in advance and the jackpot is separate from the one that accumulates during the standard drawings.

Apart from the main drawing, 6/49 has a Second Toto Chance drawing. In this one, the number of the ticket will be drawn. Second Toto Chance features both monetary prizes and items that players could win without having to pay extra for the respective drawing.

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