UK Lottery

UK Lottery is a random game with exceptionally simple rules. It is based on a 6/59 system. This means a player has to indicate 6 numbers from the scope 1-59. The main prize goes to a player who indicates all these 6 numbers correctly. Therefore, with little luck the game may provide you with a whopping injection of cash.

Obviously, in case there are more than one winners, the prize is proportionally divided.

The game has five levels. However, only 4 levels offer a financial prize. The lowest financial prize in UK Lottery is 25 pounds, whereas the lowest level, i.e., indicating two numbers properly, equals a free of charge “hit or miss” coupon for the next draw.

Rollovers happen here pretty often, so the main prize may be really high and it can amount to tens of millions of pounds!

A bit on history

Random games in Great Britain date back to the 17th century; however, till 1934 they were illegal. Law liberalization that came with time resulted in the total freedom of draw organizations and made it possible to take part in international games. Currently, in Great Britain there are several lotteries but the most important of them is UK Lottery, which was originally named National Gallery.

It was in 1994 that the first draw took place and it ended in winning the jackpot by seven players. Today, UK Lottery is the most popular game in the country and outside its boundaries. People from the outside of Great Britain can play it thanks to and via the Internet!

The cost of a ticket for UK Lottery

Choose “play” option to check the price of a single ticket or many of them. Fill in a coupon/coupons with the numbers selected by you individually or using the “hit or miss” option and the cost will be displayed to you underneath the coupons.

The price is final and includes both the cost of the coupon/s as well as any additional fees.

Buy a ticket for UK Lottery

You can buy a ticket in two ways – either personally in a selected outlet in Great Britain or via the Internet. Use the Lottorank option because the website of UK Lottery requires a British bank account.

Using Lottorank makes it possible to buy a ticket without a bank account in Britain!

The tickets bought via Lottorank.are valid and take part in the draw of the main prize. Moreover, you can buy them any time for 24 hours a day and from any place in the world.

Just fill in a coupon, pay and play to win millions!

Follow our advice and increase your chances to become a winner!

  • Play when the biggest rollovers take place! That is when the main prize may be really stunning!
  • In order to fill in your coupon use dates or numbers that for some reason you consider to be lucky or resort to “hit or miss” option.
  • Use statistics. The most frequently selected numbers in UK Lotto are: 9, 12, 15, 17 and 19.
  • Choose numbers from the range 1-30 and 31-59. Make sure they are diverse.
  • Invest with your family and friends. Share the coupons cost and gain a lot!

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