How to Play VikingLotto?

VikingLotto doesn’t rank among the most complicated lotteries out there and that’s a good thing. If you are looking for a straightforward numerical lottery, this one will definitely appeal to you.

For a chance to win the jackpot, you have to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 48. The drawings take place each Wednesday and they are televised and broadcast live on national channels across Scandinavia.

On top of the main numbers, one additional digit is selected per drawing. The number can have an effect both on the jackpot amount and the lower prize tiers.

Players that buy a VikingLotto ticket are automatically included in participation for a bonus game called Lucky Number Pot. The supplementary prizes are paid out to the individuals that get the supplementary number right. This supplementary number is chosen in the range from 1 to 8.

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