How to Play Zahlenlotto?

Here’s where things get to be a bit more complicated since there isn’t just one way in which to play Zahlenlotto. There are multiple systems, each one available with certain odds of winning. These vary from Extract (choosing just one number) to Ambo-Terno-5, in which case the player will have to pick five numbers.

On top of selecting the numbers, the player will also need to choose the amount they’re going to bet on the respective selection. Bets come in the range from 1 to 500 euro and they’ll be determining for the payout that the player will be entitled to.

In the case of making an Extract bet, the player will choose a single number. If a number selected is lower than the winning numbers for the respective drawing, the player will win 5 times their bet.

In the case of Ambo-Terno-5, the player will win the maximum if all 5 of the chosen numbers are drawn. On top of the standard gameplay, there’s also a Joker pick that can affect the payouts.

Zahlenlotto drawings take place 3 times per week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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