The most popular ways of choosing winning numbers in a lottery

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Each participant of a lottery has his/her own favorite system to choose numbers that are supposed to bring him/her luck in the draw. These ways are universal and common for millions of people around the world. See the 5 most popular techniques – one of them will certainly appeal to you.

There is a time when you have to decide which numbers to trust and rely on. Contrary to what may be assumed this is not an easy decision and everyone wants to take it as soon as possible, and then wait for the outcome of the draw in peace. How to get down to it? You can choose one of the following ways and count on luck that will bring you millions.

Numbers which are significant

This is the most popular way of choosing lucky numbers. The game gets more personal and being lucky with at least one number brings you a lot of joy and satisfaction. These may be dates of birth, lucky digits, digits attributed to the zodiac sign, or even the wedding anniversary or the age of children.


An option for those indecisive ones and the second most popular way of choosing numbers. You get rid of the responsibility for the choice and move it onto the system choosing numbers at random. If they are chosen in the hit-or-miss option maybe they will be chosen in the draw. Everything happens at random. One button and it is ready!

What does the universe say?

It is also choosing numbers at random. They do not mean anything to you but today you feel special about them. You feel like indicating 13 and you are simple doing it. Maybe what comes to your mind today will change your life forever.

Analysis of the game statistics

You have chosen the lottery you want to take part in and you are thinking which numbers to choose. On our website you can have a look at those which are chosen in the draw most frequently and least frequently. Based on it you can elaborate your strategy. Sometimes it is statistics that determines luck!

The same numbers in each draw

Once you have chosen your best set of numbers and you remain loyal to it for years. Routine pays off – among the lottery winners there are many who have played this way. Perhaps your patience will finally be rewarded, and you will join the group of millionaires.

Choose your favourite technique and play now!

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