The 10 biggest prizes that have been won in lotteries

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Have you ever wondered how much you can win in the world’s biggest lotteries? The amounts are in fact astronomical! And now, thanks to being able to play via the Internet also you can take part in a draw and win the highest rollovers!

These people have bought tickets and within several days their lives have changed utterly!

Learn about the 10 biggest prizes won in the lotteries

1.6 billion dollars – Powerball

13.01.2016 – The main prize was won by three players, of whom each decided to have the whole amount payed out. After deducting taxes and all fees, the prizes amounted to 327.8 million dollars for each of the winners!

758.7 million dollars – Powerball

23.08.2017 – The winning ticket was sold to one of the players with Polish origin. That has been the biggest jackpot in the history, which was not divided into several players.

656 million dollars – Mega Millions

30.03.2012 – This prize was also divided into 3 winning coupons. The owner of one of them was a group of friends, who decided to pay for the tickets collectively.

648 million dollars – Mega Millions

17.12.2013 – Two players shared the jackpot, including a woman from Georgia, who decided to rely on the combination of birth dates of her family members!

590.5 million dollars – Powerball

18.05.2013 – The prize went to one person and was a hit-or-miss option. What is more, it was only one ticket bought by that person!

587.5 million dollars – Powerball

28.11.2012 – Two winning coupons shared the main prize.

564 million dollars – Powerball

11.02.2015 – The main prize went to three different players, including one who was not an inhabitant of the USA.

559.7 million dollars – Powerball

6.01.2018 – One person took the whole of the winning amount!

536 million dollars – Mega Millions

8.07.2016 – A single winning coupon was sold in Indiana, USA.

487 million dollars – Powerball

30.07.2016 – The jackpot was won by one coupon, which was purchased by one person.

Those 10 highest winning amounts belong to American lotteries, i.e. Powerball and Mega Millions. Once, both these lotteries were accessible only for the players from the USA. Today, you can play via the Internet regardless of your place of residence and citizenship!

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