LottoStar24 Review

If you enjoy playing lotteries, but you live in a place, where this activity is unnecessarily difficult, Malta is the place to go. At least give it an “online go” and visit it via World Wide Web in order to check out LottoStar24 – one of the most interesting online lotto providers. 

This service isn’t perfect, but no one is. What’s crucial is that LottoStar24 has chosen their niche and perfected it, while expanding their offer and capabilities in a sensible tempo. That’s the way to go if you are relatively new in the business.

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

Unlike many other online lotto agents, LottoStar24 doesn’t try to do everything at once. They don’t provide you with dozens of various lotteries – instead, they have decided to offer you only the best ones in the most professional way. 

Therefore one may play these five lotteries at LottoStar24:

  • Eurojackpot
  • Cash4Life
  • Euromillions
  • Powerball
  • Lotto 6 aus 49

To my mind, this is quite a refreshing experience, as the coverage of many others websites may be rather overwhelming. Here you won’t have unnecessary dilemmas so you can focus on playing only creme de la creme of online lotteries.

LottoStar24 – Is it trustworthy?

LottoStar24 is actually owned by LottoStarlet Limited, which is a 100% legitimate Maltese company. There are no issues with payments, withdrawals and such.  Everything runs smoothly. LottoStar24 operates under gambling license issued by Malta Gaming Authority. 

The important thing is that playing at LottoStar24 means actually betting on lotteries, instead of purchasing tickets via middleman. Experience is generally very similar, but it is the LottoStar24 that is solely responsible for getting winners their prizes, which are secured by an insurance company. 

Rewards under € 500.000 are transferred to your bank account in 3 or 4 days after the drawing, whereas bigger prizes must be collected in person in Malta. 

LottoStar24 – Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness? 

LottoStar24 is user-friendly – there is no question about that. Their website runs incredibly smoothly. This is super important in our experience – there is hardly anything more annoying than bugged online services. 

What also needs to be mentioned is the amazing quality of web design at LottoStar24. It’s modern, it’s functional but not overly simplistic and you have all vital details shown upfront at the home page. That’s everything that good online lotto agent needs to be. 

LottoStar24 – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

Overcharging isn’t an issue here. Their pricing is extremely fair and there are no additional fees. So if you are looking for not getting robbed, LottoStar24 is a place to go. 

Additionally, they offer multiple ways of payment including credit/debit cards and a few money-transfer online services with Sofort Banking as our top choice.  

LottoStar24 – Crucial complaints 

Apart from people who complain about the number of available lotteries (and these complaints are actually compliments from one point of view – they simply want more), crucial ones regard the smoothness of LottoStar24’s support. 

Frankly speaking, it was an issue and sometimes it still is. However the quality of their customer service increases as time passes. This is the right pattern – something doesn’t work; people complain, LottoStar24 repairs it and upgrades it.

LottoStar24 – Extras

Our favourite extra feature at LottoStar24 is the possibility to play additional Lotto 6 aus 49 games (Super 6 and Spiel77). It is organized in very intuitive and simple way. Numbers you use in the main lottery are automatically transferred to these extra games – of course it costs a little extra money.

Apart from that, LottoStar24 offers a set of instant-win online games, which are surprisingly fun and engrossing.

LottoStar24 – Support

Here is the part, where some people had issues with LottoStar24. HAD – past tense, since this Maltese company vastly improved their customer service and widened contact options. Now they answer rather smoothly. They rarely exceed 24h to respond. Players may choose between calling them, chatting or sending emails. Phone line and chat works Monday to Friday 9-20.

LottoStar24 – To sum up | TL;DR

Fair pricing.

Amazing web design, maybe even the best in business.

You bet on lotteries instead of playing them but money stays the same. 

They react to people’s complaints and steadily develop their offer.

100% legitimate Maltese company. 

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