Beginner’s guide to play lotto online

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In essence playing lotto online is just like playing lotto in real life. You choose your game, then you pick numbers (fingers crossed that these are winning numbers). Purchasing ticket is the next step and after that – all you do is wait. If you’re lucky, you collect winning. If you’re not, then you get ready for another round. 

What differs playing online from playing irl is the procedure and the variety of lotteries from which you may choose. The procedure is somewhat more complicated (that’s a minus) whereas the online variety of lotteries is a huge advantage – lotteries don’t grow on trees and you are lucky if u may play more than one in your neighbourhood. 

So how to play lotto online and smart? 

The first step is the one you’ve already been taking – doing your research. Begin with making sure that you understand the difference between key words regarding online lotteries. Obvious as may it seems, it is important nonetheless as many websites are inconsistent with the use of particular words. Take a look at other part of Beginner’s guide to play lotto online – Little Lotto Dictionary.

Before you go to the next step, know this – always READ TERMS OF SERVICE while playing lotteries online and if something is unclear contact the support – if they don’t answer you in a few days maximum, don’t bother playing there .  

Your next move should be checking out different lotteries with the special focus on their pricing, odds of winning and coverage of games. Preferably choose this one, that doesn’t need VPN or any other program to access (but keep an open mind VPNs don’t bite). 

Look for lottery that is both appealing due to its content and easily accessible as well. Check out the procedure regarding collecting your winnings – in most cases lower sums are automatically transferred to your account whereas higher winnings may involve showing up in person at the retailer or headquarters. 

If you choose your lottery, you will probably need to choose lottery agent as well. Although some lotteries will enable you to play without involving the third party (lottery agent), most of them will not. But don’t get discouraged, it is normal in the world of online lotto. Here you somewhat repeat the process from 2nd step. Read about various online lottery providers and choose the one that doesn’t overprice too much (or at all) and is trustworthy. 

Sometimes you may not be able to access particular online lottery service due to some restrictions, which could be set by your government – each case is individual and depends on what our IP is. Keep looking for the one that isn’t restricted or use VPN for example. 

If you did all of that, then the most difficult part is behind you. Create your account. We recommend using email address that will be exclusively dedicated to playing lotto online. Come up with serious password – whenever money is in game, don’t use your birth date or something silly like “Letsgetmoney111!” 

You are almost good to go. 

Now let’s just take a moment to consider your budget. It is really, really crucial. Spending virtual money is easier and less “painful” than spending cash. Don’t get caught chasing a rabbit. Playing lotteries is very high risk/very high reward business and if most of players won, lotteries wouldn’t exist. 

Having all that in mind the only thing that left is choosing payment method. Generally you may choose between credit/debit card, Paypal and other payment services. Sometimes you may get prepaid cards. 

And here we are. Oh no. Not yet. Just one more time we ask you to always READ TERMS OF SERVICE while playing lotto online. 

Okay. Now you are set. Pick your numbers, buy your ticket and good luck to you fellow lotto enthusiast! May the odds be with you. 

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