Lotto247 Review

Ahhh.. This is one that really disappoints when you imagine its potential. I know that this is rather an unorthodox way of beginning the review, but I didn’t want to be dishonest with you. 

On the other hand however it doesn’t mean that Lotto247 is actually bad – the opposite. It’s  just that it could be much much better. But please stay with us and decide on your own after reading this review. 

Content, coverage or in other words – what lotteries can you find here?

Their coverage is neither amazing nor bad in our opinion. There are 14 various lotteries to choose from. We would call this a standard set of lotto games you find almost anywhere. It includes both huge transnational lotteries and major national ones. 

Lotto247 provides its users with two nice surprises, by which we mean special version of the greatest US-based lotteries: Mega Millions Max and Powerball Plus. The first one is especially impressive, since Mega Millions Max is only available at two online lotto providers – one of them being the subject of our review. 

Lotto247 – Is it trustworthy?

Lotto 247’s legal status is not in question if you are worried about whether it is a safe place to play lotto. You have to know that owned and operated by Secure View Services Limited, which is a legitimate company from Cyprus. 

In their terms and conditions you also find information that Lotto247 operates as Lucky Enterprises B.V. which is incorporated under the laws of Curacao and licensed by Central Government of Curacao.

Despite this “dualism of power” regarding Lotto247, everything is within legal boundaries – there are many companies that own foreign branches.  

Is it easy to use or so called user-friendliness?

Here lies the main problem of Lotto247. Although their website is beautiful, despite it runs smoothly and and is designed with a very sensible touch I wouldn’t call it user-friendly, since they aren’t straightforward enough and too many things are overly complicated. 

They won’t conn you – that’s for sure. So if you don’t mind not understanding what exactly you are doing – as long as it works – then you might call them user-friendly. In other cases Lotto247 may appear to be a rotten fruit in a shiny package, when it comes to simplicity and being proconsumer. 

It’s first sin is not being upfront with whether you purchase lotto tickets through an online lotto agent (a middleman) or bet on the outcome of these lotteries – they sort of mix things up. 

The second one is the withdrawal of prizes procedure, which is a rocket science if you compare it to how such procedures take place at other online lotto agents. You will get your winnings for sure – it will just cost you a little sweat. The only silver lining in this part is the variety of payment/withdrawal options – there are about 30 of them.

Lotto247 – Pricing – how much do they charge for tickets? 

Prices at Lotto247 are really attractive – you end up paying the same price as you would at local lotto vendor or slightly more. Lack of overpricing is definitely a huge benefit of Lotto247.

Lotto247 – Crucial complaints 

There were some issues with online casino games, but these are not in this online lotto provider’s offer anymore. Apart from these past problems, only other issues are those that we talked about before.

Lotto247 – Extras

Unlike so many many other online lotto agents, Lotto247 decided to focus solely on lotteries and they don’t offer nothing else, which isn’t’ necessarily a bad thing.

Lotto247 – Support

The value of good customer service should never be underestimated in case of any online lotto provider. It’s even more crucial when its website isn’t too friendly and informative, which are the qualities, that Lotto247 lacks. 

Happily, they make up to it with their superb and really professional customer service. They work in business hours and regardless of the means of contact (email or live chat) you will get answers to your questions and dilemmas. 

Lotto247 – To sum up | TL;DR

Extremely fair pricing.  

You can’t be sure whether this is a lotto betting service or common online lotto agent.  

One of two online places to play Mega Millions Max. 

Amazing customer service. 

Lotto247 is too over complicated and not straightforward enough to be recommended without guilty conscience. 

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