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Powerball is one of the most famous lottery games. Players from all over the world, twice a week (on Wednesday and on Saturday) sit in front of their computers to buy a ticket via the Internet and to play for millions of dollars.

What is interesting, Powerball belongs to the record breakers in its field. It is in this game that situations happen which seem to be almost impossible. Read about the most interesting facts concerning Powerball – it is all true!

The greatest number of winners in one lottery has happened in Powerball

There were 110 of them! Statistically it was almost impossible. So far the record had been as many as 5 coupons indicating the same winning numbers. The organizers suspected a fraud or system error, but a thorough investigation indicated the reason. A company from New York that produced fortune-telling cookies and selected the winning numbers which were baked in the Chinese delicacies was to blame for everything. Powerball players used its tips.

The highest winning amount in the history of random games

$ 1.6 billion – that was the largest award in the history of all the lotteries. On the 13th of January, 2016, the record jackpot was divided into three lucky coupons. Each of them guaranteed an award equal 522.8 million dollars. Due to the fact that all the winners decided to get paid the whole of it, the amount after deduction of fees and taxes amounted to 327.8 million dollars. The owner of one of the lucky coupons revealed that for years she had been playing using the same numbers that won the main prize.

7 in 10 of the highest awards belong to Powerball

Taking into account the 10 highest awards in the lotteries of the world, as many as 7 of them have happened in Powerball.

A ticket to a cinema or a lottery coupon?

It turns out that Americans spend much more money on Powerball coupons than on entertainment. If we add up all money spent on tickets to the cinema, theater and money spent on video games and books, we still do not get the amount that the US residents spend each year on the purchase of tickets. Hence, the largest pool of winners in this country.

The highest protection

The balls used in Powerball draw are stored under strict protection in a double-locked vault, accessible only to three people.

How much can you win?

As you can see the rollovers are spectacular. An award in Powerball is frequently much higher than the GPD of such countries as Samoa or Tuvalu.

There is nothing to wait for! Do you want to break another Powerball record and astonish the world with another curiosity? Play Powerball!

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