Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto seems to be this type of your friendly neighbourhood lottery, like Tom Holland’s Spider-man. More



Iceland Lottó

Icelandic lottery started operating on the 17th of April 1952. When it started it has in its offer only Danish and Swedish football. More

Gosloto 4/20

There are a lot of Russian lotteries. There are so many of them that everyone will find one that meets his/her most demanding expectations. One of them is Gosloto 4/20. More

Gosloto 7/49

Gosloto 7/49 is one of the most popular Russian lotteries. It is another unusual in terms of its form lottery, which provides players with a chance to win quite big amounts of money. More

Set for Life

Playing Set for Life is relatively simple. You have to choose 8 lucky numbers from a pool of 37. A single entry consists of 2 sets and acquiring such a ticket will cost you... More

Lucky Lotteries

Playing Lucky Lotteries is pretty simple and straightforward. To get started, choose the game of your choice – this will be determining for the price of the ticket. When you do, decide whether you’d... More

Bitcoin Lotto

Bitcoin Lotto is an innovative game, which - like most lotteries - is based on matching the right numbers. For some, it raises concerns, but as it turns out it is completely unjustified. More

Super 66

To play Super 66, you’ll simply have to get your ticket. It costs 1.1 Australian dollars and it comes with a six-digit number printed on it. More

Singapore 4D

To play Singapore 4D, you have to choose a 4-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. The minimum amount you have to bet on the number is one Singapore dollar. More

Show Me Cash

It’s very easy to play Show Me Cash. All that you have to do is pick five lucky numbers in the range from 1 to 39 and pay 1 dollar for your ticket. More